As Pets / African Greys


keeping parrots as pets People are usually drawn to keeping African greys are pets to their intelligence and boldness. It's been documented that these parrots have been kept by people for over one thousand years, the reasoning behind this is most likely to due their fantastic ability to mimic words and speech. As a result African greys are amongst the most popular choice for a pet.

Within the household

If you're thinking of adopting a parrot, one of the considerations people don't typically think of is potential family. I've had people a couple of years down the line after keeping a parrot for a few years deciding to start a family, and when the children start crawling, you can guess they're going to be crawling around the cage if possible. This is dangerous as there can be feces and food, all which children could risk eating or touching and could get ill as a result, please take this into consideration.


African greys are generally quite social birds, and therefore do need daily interaction with humans to keep them happy and active, it is not heathly for the bird to be left within a locked cage without interaction, this can cause undesired behaviours and if you do not have time to interact daily, then I do not recommend acquiring one of these parrots.


As I wrote within the Housing FAQ these parrots are quite messy, and often bits of food, excrement, and feathers will often appear on the floor outside of the cage. Having a daily cleanup is the best method to keep onto of the cage and area, also whilst doing this you can interact, for example give your parrot its favourite food to re-enforce positive interaction, 5 to 10 minutes is all it should take to tidy the cage area.

Common Questions

How long to African greys live for

They can reach up to 50 years of age, and commonly live over 30.

How do I help my parrot to talk

I've covered this briefy, but the simplest method is talking to the parrot on a daily basis and repeating phrases, they are very intelligent and will typically pickup on commonly used phrases regardless.

How often should I let my parrot out of his cage

Once a day at minimum, if it's possible simply leave his cage door open when you're around so he or she can choose.