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Common Questions

I've heard if a parrot bonds to a human, it lasts forever

Different parrots form different types of bonds between other parrots, siblings, and humans. When a parrot bonds, it does usually last throughout their lives, however they can bond again with other humans, parrots etc.

Parrots bond with opposite sex better, for example a female parrot to a male

No evidence has appeared which shows parrots are gender specific, if a parrot tends to warm to a certain sex, this could be due to a number of conditions such as it was handled by a male or female.

Acquiring a second parrot will benefit your parrot

If you purchase an additional parrot which "gets along" with your parrot, a strong bond can be formed between the two and can therefore keep each other entertained and eradicate loneliness. However it is more difficult to maintain two parrots, especially ensuring they have a balance diet of food, this problem usually occurs when each parrot eats their favourite part of each others food, just bear in mind it's double the work.

Parrots only give their owners unconditional love

Although parrots generally do give most of their attention to the owner, regular handling between different people can benefit a parrot greatly and will result in the parrot being affectionate to all the family, which has many obvious benefits.

Parrots are easy to care for

Although some people may believe parrots are easy to care for, I believe they are one of the most difficult pets to care for compared to typcial domestic animals such as cats or dogs. However with love, care and time, it is enjoyable.

How do I learn my parrot to talk

African greys are considered the best in terms of speech and vocal capacities so you're in luck. You can buy training tapes but honestly I've never seen the need. To learn your parrot to speak simply place it within a vocal environment, spend time talking to he or she each day, and your parrot will most likely pick up on repeating phrases.

Will my parrot be okay with my other animals

I myself have a dog that can be trusted with parrots, I believe many dogs can get on just fine with these parrots. Cats on the over hand posses instinctive behaviour towards birds and whilst a cat may not bother with your parrot, it only takes a second of this behaviour to end in tragedy.

Can parrots see in color

Yes, that can see a greater color spectrum than we can.

My parrot is sneezing quite a lot

Dry or wet sneezes can indicate allergies or something in the environment which is causing irratation, this could be something such as an air freshner in the next room. If you can hear weezing too this may indicate an infection and therefore you should take the bird to the vet.

My parrot has never laid an egg, should I assume it's a male

As mentioned on the breeding page, there is no visible difference aside from a slightly larger head on males, however we advise DNA sexing due to its inexpense and safety for the bird.

When going to bed, should I put my parrot back in the cage

The majority circumstances I would say yes. Putting a towel over the cage will help to create an area of warmth and security, additionally it will stop them from chewing wires causing other mischief.

My parrot seems to be scared of me

All animals can get scared of specific object, animal, or human. My advice here is remember it takes time to establish trust and bonds. Sometimes this might take a few days, others years. Try to read your parrots body language for instance if the parrot is shaking in its cage, forcing interaction is just plain silly. Try to find what your parrot likes, for instance this may be a specific type of food. Take is slow and always have positive interactions.