Buying / African Grey Parrots

Things to look out for

buying a parrot The price of an African grey parrots can vary greatly, this is due to many factors such as the parrots age, and if the parrot is a baby or has aged, and if the parrot has a hatch certificate.

Generally if you are considering purchasing your first African grey, I suggest purchasing a hand reared baby parrot, simply because parrots which have already reached adulthood can be slightly more of a handful for first time owners.

My advice is first to choose a bird which appears lively and energetic. Secondly look out for any deformities in regards to feet, wings and general structure, also respiratory problems can often be found in youngsters therefore this is something to look out for, have a listen to the parrots breathing if possible.

To ensure your pet is fit, it's strongly advised to visit a registered veterinarians to get your new best friend checked over.

Common Questions

How much time should I spend with my baby African grey

Whilst there isn't a set limit, I tend to spend as much time as I can spare interacting and handling your baby grey, interaction before an adoption is highly recommended as it will give you a perspective of if the bird is suitable for you.

Should I purchase a parrot that hasn't been banded

Ultimately I would say no, unless your know the breeders personally. The band contains essential information such as breeder number, clutch number and the parrots date of birth. It also helps to ensure your parrot wasn't illegally smuggled into the country as many countries require the band.

What should I look for when purchasing an African grey

It depends what country you live in, try and find a reputable breeder, someone who does this and is backed by positive comments. Secondly try and spend some time with a few of the African grey babies, this will help you to establish which one is suited for you, this make take several trips but is vital. See how the breeder is raising them, hand rearing is an advantage as it gets them use to humans quickly.