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    Breeding & Mating

    Thinking of breeding African greys? Selecting a suitable mate or pair should first be sexed via DNA or surgically testing. Whilst DNA is the inexpensive root you'll find more about reproduction capabilities via surgical testing.

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    Having problems or have a question?

    The African greys are very curious by nature, this curiosity can lead to different behaviours, sometimes undesired. Find our common FAQs here.

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    The African greys are amongst one of the best parrots to keep as a pet. Their observation coupled with ferocious intelligence makes them excellent family pets.

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About These Birds

Welcome to African-Grey-ParrotOnline, where you can find useful, factual information regarding aspects of African grey parrots. The web site has information on diets and breeding and also information about keeping them as a pet and housing them appropriately.

The standard size for this parrot is 330 mm, the feathers are usually a light grey color, the wings are usually a dark grey , and their tails is usually red which creates an attractive collage of colors. This species is originally from Africa, however they have spread throughout the world due to demand from the public, they are regarded as one of the most intelligent birds due to their abilities to recognize objects, colors and capability to learn words and phrases.

African Greys are not the easiest pet the own, a vast amount of people believe that you can visit a pet shop which sells them, bring them home, and expect them to be similar to a dog or cat. They can be very nervous when entering a new home, or meeting new people, for example they can get stressed easily and develop behaviour issues.

There are many people who specialist in training these amazing animals, if you can afford training, it is well worth the investment. As they are one of the most intelligent birds, then respond quickly to interaction and can become great pets and even a friend.